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Financial Services




Over the next decade the global financial services industry will be fundamentally transformed – reshaped by tectonic movements driven by technology, digitisation, regulation, evolving customer expectations and other disruptive forces.


In an environment where ethics, sustainability and social good are front of mind for customers, businesses, regulators and governments alike, how the industry grows over the next 10 years will truly matter.


Change will be incremental and uncertainty is here to stay. Surviving and thriving in this landscape requires a new way of thinking. 


That's where Capital & Centric Consulting can help. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals across audit, tax, transactions, strategy, legal, risk and management consulting provide a comprehensive suite of services, supported by our alliance partners, to provide the trusted advice and deliver the transformation our clients are seeking. 

Banking & Capital Markets

Capital & Centric Consulting 's Banking & Capital Markets group helps clients successfully navigate challenging times and capitalise on opportunities.


The banking industry is under constant pressure from disruptive technologies, new business models, non-traditional competitors, regulatory changes and high stakeholder expectations. However, opportunities abound for both established institutions and new players – if they take proactive measures to prepare for the future of the financial services industry now and remain razor-focused on evolving customer expectations


Capital & Centric Consulting 's is one of the leaders in the market. Combining a strong local presence and deep capability, with access to a global network of banking professionals, Capital & Centric Consulting’s team in Australia is ideally placed to help our clients successfully navigate through these disruptive times and provide strategic advice to capitalise on future opportunities.

We work closely with clients on a range of matters:

  • external and internal audit

  • corporate tax management and specialist tax services

  • risk management and controls

  • fraud risk management and anti-money laundering activities

  • capital adequacy and liquidity management

  • regulatory compliance and licence requirements

  • remediation services

  • IT assurance and advisory, such as core systems, payments and mobile

  • analytics, information and modelling

  • environmental, social and governance (ESG) advisory services

  • cost reduction and productivity improvements

  • customer and channel management, including digital strategy

  • finance function and operational transformation

  • treasury and capital markets transformation

  • corporate restructuring

  • mergers, acquisitions and divestments.



Our insurance practice comprises multi-disciplinary teams, led by senior partners with extensive experience.


Capital & Centric Consulting 's insurance group provides services to help Australian insurers find sustainable pathways to growth. Capital & Centric Consulting recognises that today's economic environment is forcing insurers to rethink the way they conduct business. Volatile markets, disruptive technologies, and a complex web of new regulations and compliance issues have brought financial services businesses to a crossroads.


While currently facing challenges, ranging from severe weather events, rapidly changing consumer expectations and the impacts of legacy products and systems, the underlying importance of insurance remains.

This environment creates both risks and opportunities, putting a premium on timely and sound business decision-making.

Capital & Centric Consulting 's Insurance group works with the general insurance, health, life, reinsurance and broking arms of the industry, helping them make better business decisions.


We offer:

  • external audit and internal audit services

  • actuarial services, including insurance risk management and claims and underwriting

  • tax services

  • advice on risk, regulatory and compliance matters

  • environmental, social and governance (ESG) advisory services

  • analytics, information and modelling

  • strategic review and advice

  • advisory services supporting business, operational and tech transformation


We combine a strong local presence with access to a global network of experienced insurance professionals. This equips us to focus in on the issues that really matter to individual clients.


Capital & Centric Consulting can help develop strategic and performance-oriented business models and collaborate with our clients to support the implementation of a sustainable connected enterprise. We advise on regulatory issues as they unfold and assist clients to fulfil their accounting, reporting, risk management and governance obligations.


Private Lending

So all the big banks have said no, and now all the second tier and specialist lenders are also struggling to meet your financing requirements. What to do now? Private Lending may be a viable solution. It is essentially borrowing money from a non traditional lender, in most instances, a wealthy private individual or company that has excess cash from their main area of business who is seeking to earn a higher return on their excess funds. It is important to note that private lending is primarily for business purposes as they are classified as unregulated loans that do not fall under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.

Capital & Centric Consulting financial group works with our lending partners and supplier who are able to help out clients in situations.

  • Direct Lender

Our process values your time, making it quicker and easier to work together.

  • Fast Settlements

Our simple process and fast decisions make funding possible in few days.


Private Equity

Capital & Centric Consulting offers a combined approach, helping our clients with strategic, deal and portfolio management issues.


These are interesting times for private equity houses. Fundraising has become a matter of proven exits and operational improvement initiatives through periods of investment. Australian investors are reviewing their private equity allocations because of regulatory changes such as MySuper. This has resulted in the need for houses to head offshore for funds. 

In today's market a new focus on building value and managing performance from existing assets emerges. Private equity houses are likely to need a wider range of skills at their disposal than is necessary purely for deals.

Therefore, the services our clients traditionally expect from us have broadened beyond the deal and taken on a longer-term context.

Capital & Centric Consulting is now taking one of the leading positions in offering a combined approach to helping our clients with their strategic, deal and portfolio management issues.

Our involvement covers:

  • fundraising (tax structuring)

  • finding and consummating investments and deals

  • management advice

  • portfolio management

  • realising value.

We have a broad range of skills, comprising experienced private equity advisers from corporate finance, transaction and commercial due diligence and tax. We have the skills our private equity clients need to help support them, through the fundraising and investment lifecycles.


Real Estate & Construction

As significant contributors to the Australian economy, the real estate and construction industries represent about 18 percent of GDP.


Our market continues to attract not only domestic participants but increased interest from overseas by way of direct investment, investment through funds, and the establishment of local operations.

However, because these industries encompass a broad range of parties and interests, they face a highly competitive market looking for growth amidst increasingly complex regulatory and financial challenges.

Capital & Centric Consulting 's Real Estate practice offers relevant audit, tax and advisory services to meet the needs of a diverse and discriminating client base in the property and construction sectors.

Our services span all main asset classes:

  • commercial

  • industrial

  • retail

  • tourism

  • infrastructure

  • retirement villages and aged care

  • residential.

With our breadth and depth of technical and industry knowledge, our team can help you cut through this complexity to achieve your goals. Our capabilities extend to:

  • real estate advisory

  • detailed market research

  • project management skills

  • all forms of taxation

  • business strategies

  • transaction structuring know how

  • detailed market demographic research.

Our powerful offering, which draws on the resources of Capital & Centric Consulting’s extensive international real estate network, is designed to help you grow and prosper across all stages of the property cycle.

By harnessing a multi-disciplinary skill set, our professionals help you efficiently transact investment or development transactions. Our team works with you throughout the transaction – from initial planning through to execution and completion.

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