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Welcome to Capital & Centric Consulting Recruitment Service, a premier recruitment expert in Australia renowned for our expertise, extensive networks, and personal touch. For over years, we have been pivotal in fostering growth and prosperity across the legal, medical, and financial sectors, going beyond traditional recruitment to create lasting relationships based on understanding, listening, and meaningful action. At Capital & Centric Consulting, we are dedicated to orchestrating transformative changes, guiding organisations to discover and engage exceptional talent that propels growth and innovation.


Our services cater specifically to the unique needs of the legal, medical, and financial industries, ensuring a bespoke approach to every recruitment challenge:



Legal Industry

We specialise in placing top-tier legal professionals, from junior associates to senior partners and in-house counsel, across a spectrum of legal practices. Our deep understanding of the legal landscape allows us to match organisations with candidates who not only excel in their legal expertise but also align with the firm’s culture and vision.


Medical Industry

In the healthcare sector, our focus is on recruiting highly qualified medical personnel, including doctors, nurses, specialists, and healthcare executives. We recognise the critical impact of these roles on patient care and the healthcare system, and we strive to place professionals who embody excellence, compassion, and dedication to patient well-being.


Financial Industry

 Our expertise extends to sourcing and placing exceptional talent within the banking, finance, and insurance sectors. From financial analysts and advisers to senior executives, we connect financial institutions with professionals who bring strategic insight, expertise, and integrity, driving financial success and compliance.


Customised Recruitment Approach

For our clients, engaging with us means entering into a partnership that transcends basic job matching. Our customised recruitment approach is meticulously designed to ensure candidates not only fulfil job specifications but also become integral to the fabric of your organisation's culture, contributing to its long-term prosperity. By tailoring our search and selection process, we align closely with your unique requirements, guaranteeing placements that are not just fits but true assets.


Broad Connections and Sector-Specific Knowledge

Capital & Centric Consulting is dedicated to protecting your data and ensuring you have the latest systems in place to ensure your business against attacks and unpredictable disaster. We are passionate about providing you with the necessary infrastructure that keeps you safe not just today, but in the years to come. IT is constantly evolving and we consistently adapt our approach to accommodate new technology or threats but a stable base to build on is critical to the success of your IT strategy. That starts with designing a secure network for you with the appropriate disaster recovery mechanisms in place so that if the worst happens, you have a backup ready to go with minimal disruption to your workday. Our security services include:


  • Network design & security

  • Malware & spyware defense

  • Email platforms & security

  • Asset management


Dedication to Excellence and Integrity in Recruitment

Our ethos at Capital & Centric Consulting is rooted in a steadfast dedication to upholding the highest standards of recruitment practices and ethical conduct. This dedication is mirrored within our team, inspiring our members to pursue personal development, take on new challenges, and achieve professional satisfaction. By committing to the principles of transparency, fairness, and respect, we build trust with clients and candidates alike, promoting a culture of integrity and mutual respect in all our interactions.


Capital & Centric Consulting stands at the forefront of innovation in the recruitment industry, pioneering new practices and embracing bold strategies that redefine the way connections are made. Our visionary approach not only distinguishes us but also positions us as agents of transformative change, prepared to journey into the future alongside our valued clients and candidates.


At the heart of Capital & Centric Consulting lies a steadfast belief in the power of positive change. It is this belief that fuels our mission to not just navigate but actively shape the future, carving out new avenues for progress and uncovering fresh visions for what is possible. We extend beyond the traditional boundaries of a recruitment firm, acting as the driving force behind this evolution. Whether you are aiming to fortify your team with unparalleled talent or stepping forward into a new phase of your career, Capital & Centric Consulting is your trusted navigator. With us, change transcends the ordinary—it becomes revolutionary.

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