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Operations are the connection between your organization’s strategy and its lasting success. Now, more than ever, companies that use operations to move fast and build new capabilities at scale are gaining competitive advantage.


Capital & Centric Consulting’s Operations Practice sits at the intersection of strategy, technology, and transformation to deliver sustainable, inclusive growth. We connect boardroom strategies to the frontline—infusing technology where and when it matters and rapidly delivering lasting transformations enabled by capability building.


The disruption caused by COVID-19 underscores how critical it is for companies to achieve excellence in end-to-end operations, given the potential gains in efficiency, agility, and performance. Capital & Centric Consulting helps clients achieve operational innovation to meet this imperative.


Our Approach to Operational Excellence

Capital & Centric Consulting’s operational excellence consulting teams help clients achieve these gains by supercharging efficiency and effectiveness in key steps in their operations value chain. We also assist clients with holistic value-chain transformation to enhance service and quality, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.


Clients choose Capital & Centric Consulting as their operational excellence partner for:


  • Unlocking new value fast—by zeroing in on the most promising operational innovation opportunities

  • Tying operational excellence to business strategy—by aligning capabilities and performance to key enterprise strategies

  • Sustaining success—by working with leaders across the organization to make sure that operational gains persist for the long term

  • Strengthening their own capabilities—by equipping them with the digital tools, skills, and knowledge needed to tackle their toughest operational challenges on their own

  • Optimizing the supply chain across functions—by breaking down silos and enabling transparency throughout the operational process


Service Operations

Many service organizations across industries are chasing digital players, which set the standard in customer experience and efficiency. Capital & Centric Consulting helps clients unleash the full potential of their service operations with a focus on smart technology and enabled organizations.


Nothing underscores the vital role of service and support operations more than the downside of neglecting these functions. Inadequate focus results in waste of resources, poor speed and quality of service, and low customer satisfaction.


By taking a comprehensive view of end-to-end processes within both service and support operations, we help clients make the kinds of transformative moves necessary to fully optimize their selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) expenses. That same encompassing view also helps our clients get the most out of digitization and automation.


Capital Project Management

When capital projects succeed, so do societies. Capital & Centric Consulting integrates digital and organizational innovations into the processes that support such projects, reducing coordination challenges, accelerating completion, and increasing ROI.


Capital & Centric Consulting works across diverse sectors to create better systems for large capex projects, systems that change the way owners and contractors work together to improve outcomes and resolve complexity. By applying proprietary methodologies, we help to provide digitally enhanced visibility into schedule and quality issues, coaching teams on ways to quickly align, solve problems, and advance projects.


The risk types and complexity of large capital projects vary widely. Many are government-sponsored initiatives of vital importance to society. Our depth of experience in applying digital innovation to organize the vision and effort of stakeholders has solved complex problems and instilled new ways of working that make all the difference.


Our work includes:

  • Identifying the specific behavioral and organizational dynamics that are dragging down performance

  • Setting up improved project management routines and scheduling practices for greater predictability and faster decision making

  • Designing fit-for-purpose execution and contracting strategies and enacting portfolio governance that diminishes bureaucracy, increases ownership, and improves investment allocation

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