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Real Estate



Capital & Centric Consulting is a comprehensive enterprise with real estate industry as its core business. Its business scope covers the sales of land and houses, real estate development, project management, property management. With rich experiences in the project management and real estate development, its business has spread all over well-known capital cities and regions, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and etc. Its subsidiaries of real estate sales have as many as hundreds of professional Australian real estate agents with annual sales value of billions of Australian dollars. The construction company is characterized by customization and has become the fastest growing and most notable construction enterprise in the local area.


Capital & Centric Consulting Development offers a unique corporate solution. The management of the entire development process can be provided by and controlled with the business unit, even down to the ongoing provision of maintenance and facilities management. In this way, the development expertise that commences the project nurtures the initial ideas through to completed designs all the way through to the delivery of the end product, and beyond. The Capital & Centric Consulting development management team exhibits a full, complementary set of commercial and project related property expertise, experience and management skills. These include:

  • Development feasibility analysis

  • Investment due diligence

  • Acquisition negotiation and bidding

  • Development and project management

  • Legal Counsel

  • Financial management and modelling

  • Planning management

  • Design and design management

  • Capital raising and partnership structuring

  • Project superintendent roles

  • Contract management and programming

  • Civil and structural engineering

  • Facilities management

The application of this skills set within the Capital & Centric Consulting as well as within joint venture partnerships has contributed to the success and longevity of the group as well as the successful outcome of many developments, in line with core group values, the motto ‘Creating Communities’ and its philosophies.


Joint Venture and Funding Partnerships

Capital & Centric Consulting regularly partners with reputable investment institutions, developers and private individuals or groups. Capital & Centric Consulting’s land bank of key development properties, along with its financial strength, ability to assess and negotiate new acquisitions and to provide the core development, construction and marketing/sales management expertise is conducive to partnering arrangements that seek risk managed, professional and viable outcomes. Capital & Centric Consulting’s approach to partnering is governed by the group’s philosophies, including:

  • Integrity, ethics and transparency.

  • Applying the breadth and depth of its experience and competency in all areas of the development cycle to optimise returns and mitigate risks.

  • Generate successful outcomes with a view to continuing relationships.

Capital & Centric Consulting has a successful track record for all prior partnerships and has delivered results in accordance with its commitments. There is a transparent and adaptable management structure in place that allows all partners the choice to work with Capital & Centric Consulting as part of the development team or to remain as a passive partner receiving regular project reports. The Group has an unblemished track record in raising and returning significant project finance


Project Sales Team

Capital & Centric Consulting Sales Team includes Property Professionals well versed in the needs of both the Australian and Chinese property investor. These Sales experts are highly skilled at building relationships with both property investors and future owner-occupiers.


With current developments selling well above market expectations the team are cultivating long-term contacts for future opportunities. Key to this is a dedication to maintaining the contact management system, ensuring details of all potential buyers are captured for individual follow up, targeted ongoing marketing communications and input to market research. Each enquiry is segmented according to their current needs – property type, price range, first home buyers, owner occupiers, local or international investors, length of property search and any personal timelines.


Capital & Centric Consulting prefer to locate their Sales office within our property, so potential buyers are able to experience first hand the quality of the construction and the interior styling. This allows the Sales Team not only to show off the views that future projects will enjoy, but also to touch and appreciate the exact interior, kitchen and bathroom finishes and fittings planned for the latest property for sale.


The Sales Team is always up to date with the latest government grants and regulations that may be important to their customer. The team also works closely with a network of niche market sales agents with their own databases of interested buyers. Tapping into this network ensures that Capital & Centric Consulting properties are always being considered by a constantly changing customer base.


Property Management

We look after your property the way we look after our own

There is much more to investment management than just collecting the rent.
Here are some great reasons to choose CCC' management services to manage your investment property.

  • Find prospective tenants

  • Prepare the lease documentation

  • Organize bond documentation

  • Give you up to date advice on rentals

  • Administer rent reviews

  • Pass on the rent payments to you promptly

  • Provide Regular Statements

  • Regularly inspect the property

  • Handle arrears

  • Advertising

  • Maintenance

  • Property management specialists

  • Effective marketing

  • Thorough agreement preparation

  • Prompt rent collection and remittance to you

  • Inspections

  • Strict arrears control

  • Repairs and Maintenance

  • Timely payment of outgoings

  • Disputes with the tenants


Project Management


If you’re considering becoming a property developer, our efficient construction project management team can help you maximise the return on your investment property.

  • We can help you unlock the “trapped asset value” of your land or old property through property development OR

  • We can help you find the right site for your property development project


Either way we will take care of all the time consuming and difficult tasks to ensure you get the profitable project you want with the minimum of fuss.

As your project manager

  • Finds the right site in the right location to meet your objectives

  • Evaluates town planning and development issues

  • Undertakes detailed feasibility studies including a comprehensive design and cost assessment for your independent validation prior to any final commitment

  • Assists with negotiations to buy the land

  • Obtains town planning permits (DA) if not already approved

  • Prepares full working drawings and project specifications including engineering services and structural plans

  • Obtains building quotes

  • Appoints a master builder on favourable contractual terms, checks all contractual arrangements and oversees the construction from start to finish

  • Organises surveying and subdivision into individual titles

  • Sources competitive finance for purchase and development

  • Provides internal and external decoration services

  • Coordinates with real estate agents to lease or sell your property for the best price on completion

  • Keeps you updated every step of the way and most importantly removes the day to day worries of running a real estate development


Real Estate Development

Now you can become a property developer and acquire your next investment property at developer’s cost!


While smart investors know that investing in property is a sure way to build wealth, most buy property at retail prices then wait for capital growth.


Capital & Centric Consulting’s Property Developer Program offers you the opportunity to purchase property at wholesale prices and lock in immediate profits. We enable you to become what we call an “armchair developer” and get all the benefits of real estate development without getting your hands dirty.


We allow ordinary Australians to become property developers and take the hassle out of your investment by assisting you with all the development expertise you need. From concept to completion.


Our integrated property development consulting services include:

  • Finding the right site for you including pre purchase feasibility studies and development analysis using our many years of property experience. This ensures that you enter into any transaction with your “eyes wide open”.

  • Evaluating town planning and development issues.

  • Finance procurement through leading banks and mortgage brokers ensuring that you obtain competitive finance.

  • Design management using an architectural team experienced in designing projects with strong market appeal that can be built economically.

  • Comprehensive design and cost assessment for your independent verification prior to any final commitment.

  • Town planning approval procurement as well as surveying and subdivision services using the resources of our experienced team and senior consultants.

  • Construction project management and administration to ensure your project runs smoothly, on time and on budget. We can safely say this because of our track record of which we are extremely proud.

  • Finding the right joint venture partners to help you finance your project.

  • Marketing co-ordination using our network of agents to sell or lease your property for you at top market prices.

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