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Information Technology



Gain the time you need to focus on doing what matters most – growing your business – and let Capital & Centric Consulting handle your day-to-day IT operations.

You will have experienced experts who are keeping your systems safe, secure, well-maintained, updated, and repaired. We can provide you with IT support for desktop, server infrastructure, network infrastructure, and cloud infrastructure, and more.

We may be experts, but we also know IT support should be focused on you and what you need. Our awesome team of dedicated engineers and technicians live and breathe putting customers first and are the reason we are providing support to 100+ long-term customers.



IT Solutions & Tech Support Services

Capital & Centric Consulting has technicians on hand to support all your varied IT needs for 24-hour service. We have the ability to remotely access your staff’s machines from wherever they are for minor maintenance to major support issues. Our support services include:


  • Onsite and after hours support

  • Facilities management

  • Internet support and provisioning

  • Disaster recovery

  • Maintenance and upgrades

  • Local Backup solutions


IT Project Management Services & Solutions

We offer tailored solutions specifically to our clients’ needs. From office set up to hardware upgrades. Our team handles end to end solutions. Capital & Centric Consulting IT is able to review your situation, present to your team recommendations and requirements then implement in a fast and professional manner. Services include

  • Data and electrical cabling

  • Office IT set up

  • Phone systems

  • Internet and cloud solutions


IT Consulting Services & Training

Capital & Centric Consulting IT consultants will closely work with you to provide quality training and consulting services for any small or large assignments. This includes:

  • Infrastructure refreshment projects

  • Network design

  • Implementation of specific well described features, such as monitoring platforms

  • Infrastructure capacity planning


IT Hardware and Software Solutions & Office Computer Setups

Setting your business up for success starts with a solid foundation. The way your network is setup should not just be relevant to what you need to do today, but also to where your business is heading. It's important to work with a business like Capital & Centric Consulting that will understand your plans and advise you accordingly. The type of products Capital & Centric Consulting can offer as part of your technical solution include:


  • Server and storage (SAN) products

  • Desktops and workstations

  • Notebooks and Ultrabooks

  • Networking (routers, switches, modems, wireless access points) products

  • Microsoft Software

  • Adobe Software

  • Antivirus and security products

  • Email filtering software


IT Cyber Security Services & Solutions

Capital & Centric Consulting is dedicated to protecting your data and ensuring you have the latest systems in place to ensure your business against attacks and unpredictable disaster. We are passionate about providing you with the necessary infrastructure that keeps you safe not just today, but in the years to come. IT is constantly evolving and we consistently adapt our approach to accommodate new technology or threats but a stable base to build on is critical to the success of your IT strategy. That starts with designing a secure network for you with the appropriate disaster recovery mechanisms in place so that if the worst happens, you have a backup ready to go with minimal disruption to your workday. Our security services include:


  • Network design & security

  • Malware & spyware defense

  • Email platforms & security

  • Asset management


Cloud Backup Solutions

We are able to offer a variety of tailored cloud solutions to suit your business needs. Our experts will take the time to discuss each option with you as well as the pros and cons associated with them so that you can make educated decisions. Whether you’d prefer a hybrid or pure cloud solution, Capital & Centric Consulting has you covered. Cloud systems are particularly beneficial for small or new businesses as they typically involve minimal setup costs. CCC is able to create a cloud environment that covers your phones and desktops without the cumbersome costs of purchasing long term phone plans, handsets and server racks. Our services include:


  • Private cloud services

  • Cloud backup solutions

  • Cloud phone solutions

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure


IT Auditing & Procurement Software Solutions

Having a strategy in place for hardware procurement means you can avoid the headaches that come from not knowing what you need or why you need it. Our team can advise on the best options for the needs of your business now and into the future, meaning your investment into new hardware is not wasted money. Capital & Centric Consulting’s audit review of the information technology infrastructure will include the following:


  • Servers - Hardware configurations

  • Installed software

  • Desktop infrastructure

  • Network overview

  • Hardware service and warranty details

  • Software maintenance contracts

An audit review is important as it will allow you to understand the current state of your IT infrastructure and it will be vital to establishing a viable roadmap to prioritize your budget to ensure these systems meet your business requirements.


Voice-over services

Our Media Production Team creates quality voice overs for multimedia presentations, company ads, telephone message on hold, radio, and eLearning videos. We are passionate about creating audio productions for Sydney businesses to deliver their unique message to their audience.


Mobile App Development & Web Design Services

Our inhouse design and development team create innovative, eye catching websites and apps. Whether it’s a basic landing page or a major app project we can help you showcase your business in the best possible way. Services include:


  • Mobile app development

  • Web app development

  • Websites

  • E-commerce

  • Design UX/UI

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