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Business Consultation



Innovating in a global and rapidly changing world requires strong and passionate creativity. Our team is looking to the future, as we stay focused on delivering value for our clients in today’s omni-channel ecosystem.


Capital & Centric Consulting offer a diverse, comprehensive range of marketing solutions spanning brand advertising, customer relationship management (CRM), media planning and buying services, public relations and numerous specialty communications services to drive bottom-line results for our clients.


Marketing Services


Get more customers faster, smarter, and reliably.


From Facebook and WeChat to rising platforms like Snapchat and Tiktok, there are massive opportunities on social. How will you compete?


  • Data Driven Strategies.

Deep diving into your accounts, customer data and competition, we analyse your top performing demographics, creative angles and points of difference to develop a strategy that maximises your return opportunities.


  • Powerful Creatives.

Once we’ve identified your biggest opportunities, we develop ad creatives that stop the scroll, build value, generate trust and drive conversions. Creative with purpose gets the clicks.


  • Test, test, test, refine.

Split testing one ad against another is great. Split testing creatives, copy, audiences, demographics, products, landing pages, placements enable us to take your campaigns to a whole new level.


Email Marketing

Convert customers with powerful email strategies.

Email Marketing is a direct line to your most engaged customers, and with 3 x higher conversion rates than social media – it’s your money-maker. We specialise in building effective email automations and ongoing campaign management to grow your email list and nurture your customers.


  • Analyse, strategise.

Deep dive into your customer behaviours and analytics to implement personalised strategies. A list of subscribers is just the beginning – we take the time to learn what they want to hear, maximising open rates and providing an unparalleled customer experience.


  • Laser-targeted messaging.

Whatever action your audience takes, they are engaged with tailored, on-brand EDMs, designed specifically for the best results. Raising awareness, generating leads or driving conversions, it’s about maintaining a welcome presence in your customers inboxes without overloading them.


  • Perpetual optimisation.

By split testing content and leveraging data, we identify the most effective executions and consistently build on them, ever-improving trust, value and customer loyalty. Small tweaks in copy, graphics and structure to maximise engagement can have big impacts on overall results.


Lead Generation

Drive qualified leads at scale.

Get qualified leads reliably so you can focus on running your business. Our tailored strategies generate valuable inbound and outbound leads that save you and your sales team time and money.


  • Key demographics, optimal channels.

Analysing the data lets us develop your ideal target audience. We use advanced software to build lists and profiles, that are then cleaned, vetted and prepped for a personalised and innovative email engagement.


  • Make an impression.

Capture attention first and the battle is half won. We generate leads by first engaging your audience and then providing the information to set you apart from your competitors – presenting you as the ultimate solution to solving their problems.


  • Better and better leads, delivered.

Bring leads over to your CRM with all the info you need to close them. We then optimise and refine the strategy to determine how to further improve response rates, quality and cost, ensuring your lead strategies are valuable now, but more valuable tomorrow.


Google Ads

Drive more sales & leads guaranteed.

Get real, qualified, high intent traffic that converts. Our campaigns simply perform better through leveraging an industry leading partnership with Google courtesy of an exceptionally high optimisation score and a dedicated team of certified specialists.


  • Data driven strategies.

Deep diving into your accounts, customer data and competition, we harness your top performing demographics, points of difference and keywords to develop a strategy that maximises your return opportunities.


  • Intelligent optimisations.

Calculated and intelligent. We split test ads, audiences, demographics, products and landing pages, enabling us to take your campaigns to a whole new level.


  • Third party input and refinement.

The specialist team will further refine your account with input and direction from official Google resources, giving us the insight and firepower necessary to drive your results beyond the competition.


Content Marketing

Build your brand, stop the scroll and drive sales.

Powerful and impactful creative to build your brand, stop the scroll and drive sales. We blend your customer psychology with effective, high-quality ads that increase engagement, build brand trust and establish your business as a leading voice – to beat the competition.


  • Research.

Content needs to be created with purpose. We take the time to understand the consumer behaviour underlying every decision, combining market research with industry insight to create integrated content strategies that not only attracts your audience’s attention, but holds it; turning potential prospects into paying customers.


  • Refine.

Harnessing the power of storytelling, we inject personality into your brand to connect with your audience and position you as inspiring, invaluable and, above all, human. Because after all, it’s the person behind the screen we’re really connecting with, and building relationships builds revenue.



  • Results.

Audiences are won over with showstopping content and meaningful engagement. By creating real connections with your customers, we maximise trust, inspire loyalty to your brand, and drive conversions. Creativity is what sets you apart – and how we take your business to new heights.


Search Engine Optimisation


Be seen first, get more customers.

The top of Google is prime real estate, and we have the keys. We develop proven SEO strategies battle-tested against Google’s algorithm updates, to build long-lasting, targeted and high-quality results to get you more customers, organically.


  • Holistic optimisation.

Build the value of your webpages with the latest compliant SEO tactics. Holistic white-hat implementations will get you up in the ranks and on people’s radar.


  • Complete transparency.

Intelligent white-hat optimisation for keywords, speed, metadata and links, with clear, ongoing reports.

- Ever focused on ROI.

Rankings are great, UX is great, but the end goal for SEO is always conversions and revenue.




Website Design

Our talented designers know what it takes to craft a website that not only stands out and looks beautiful, but one that attracts visitors and converts them into customers.


  • E-commerce

Make more sales with an e-commerce page that beautifully showcases your offer and has full warehouse and wholesale integration.

  • Landing page

Increase conversions and spur visitors into action with stunning landing pages that boast persuasive copy and clear call to action buttons.

  • Corporate website

Show off your brand and business with an aesthetic , functional website that informs, educates and builds trust with your audience.


Influencer Marketing

We connect you to the right influencers to share your brand and amplify your messaging. You’ll be able to reach audiences that you’ve previously never thought of reaching out to.


  • Campaign Ideation

We work with you to develop a strategy tailored specifically to you and your goals. We take everything into consideration, from your target audience to your budget – ensuring that you meet and exceed your business objectives.


  • The Right Influencers For You

Our matchmaking experts develop a list of the right influencers to help you achieve your goal. There’s no target audience too niche or too broad – our large network of influencers guarantees that there is someone that shares your brand vision, just waiting to work with you.


  • Creative Brief Development

To allow your chosen influencers to create the content you want, we develop a creative brief to share with them. The brief includes your brand style guidelines and desired messaging. Our influencers are top creative talents so don’t be afraid to go out of the box with suggestions!


  • Relationship Management

Teamwork makes the dream work so we manage the entire influencer relationship from start to finish. We communicate to them any changes to the campaign and relay their thoughts, feelings and updates back to you.


  • In-depth Analysis & Reports

We track the progress of your campaign the second it launches; measuring engagement and detailing analytics from your influencers. This information is then presented to you with actionable insights to help you optimise your campaign further.


  • Maximum Returns on Your Investment

Working with our team of experts means your brand is able to reach new audiences and markets, propelling your business to greater heights. When you add up all the features, services and support we offer, you get a return that few competitors can match.


Branding Design


Our branding specialists develop names, logos, colour schemes and style guides which create a brand image that captures attention and endures in the minds of your audience.


  • Comprehensive

Branding Strategy

Our strategy outlines everything a brand needs to be successful. We work on your business’ story, messaging, values and design – and make sure they align and work together seamlessly.


  • Visual Identity

Logos & shapes

We craft and develop a style guide that will visually represent and define your brand. Logos, fonts, colours and imagery are all created ready to be used in all aspects of your business.


  • Brand copywriting

Voice, Tone & Slogans

We construct an entire language that tells the entire world who you are and what you do through unique slogans and taglines, and personalised voice and tone.

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